Thursday, 13 October 2011

Crossings Off?

There's a possibility that next year's local elections on Orkney may involve electors being unable to cast their votes in person, but having to use postal or proxy systems. A report in The Orcadian indicates that public consultations will take place before a decision is made to cease the late-night crossings by pilot boats bringing back the ballot boxes to the count in Kirkwall. I have not missed voting in an election since I was 21 years-of-age, but, now having a permanent postal vote, have not entered a polling station so far this century.  Any strong feelings on this issue?

Scottish Islands Explorer - (de)voted to these islands

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Anonymous said...

Thinking about the issue of the sustainability of small island communities there can be few issues more fundamental than the democratic right to cast one's vote. A postal vote carries the same weight but, if the older island folk value the act of dropping something in the ballot box - perhaps symbolically - then maybe they should be allowed to. What do they think? Richard Clubley