Friday, 28 October 2011

No Human Callers

Telephone boxes continued - well, not all of them. There are 5373 payphone boxes in Scotland, but last year 451 of them did not have even one person making a call. The Western Isles had 40 boxes completely unused; Shetland 26 and Orkney 24. The march of the mobile has left these installations marooned. Full details of use and non-use are available through this Deadline account, here obviously featuring dead lines.

Scottish Islands Explorer - calls welcomed from all phones

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Anonymous said...

My favourite Scottish phone box story concerns the one on Kererra pier. Folk used to collect shopping from Oban for an old islander and leave it in the box for him to collect. On one occasion he didn't collect it for several days. It was only a bottle of single malt, but it was there waiting for him, quite safe, when he got round to it. Richard Clubley