Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fara Away

Last Monday's blog featured the last couple to live on Fara, one of Orkney's South Isles. Today's presents the children of Fara School photographed, probably in 1936, with their teacher, Normah Linklater. Our prolific contributor, Richard Evans, has been in contact with three of the pupils pictured here as well as with Normah's daughter, Mary Evans. It is amazing that this image which was originally seen by a few interested parties, now is in a position to be viewed, at least potentially, by billions.

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Richard Evans said...

From the school log book:- of the 4 pupils- attendance for the week= 100%, school coal received ( 5 bags) 1 coal scuttle & shovel for school, no scholars presented themselves - rain storm, one boy one hour late, as usual.They have too many petty excuses.John Sutherland absent for 4 days owing to a headache. The infants very shy and difficult to get them to speak. In 1937, each pupil presented with a Coronation mug.

Richard Evans said...

Windfarm could see island inhabited after 40 years. A pier, roads and accommodation will have to be built, rejuvenating the island.

Th Fara project would be the largest windfarm in Orkney if plan are approved this year.