Thursday, 27 December 2012

Leftovers Unlikely

Here is a photograph of Sula Sgeir, taken at dawn by Stewart Hinley. The most publicised of its visitors are the men of Ness who have the rights to collect 2000 young gannets or gugas from the islet in the autumn. The birds are considered to be delicacies, but it's unlikely that any are being served today. Were they to have been the dish-of-the-day on Tuesday last they do not appear to be the sort of festive fare that keeps on coming, such as turkey or goose. Their preparation is described in detail on a website called Homeschool on the Croft  where the immaculate kitchen contrasts with the bothy (below) in which gugas are stored ahead of being brought back to Ness, the most northerly settlement in Lewis.

Scottish Islands Explorer - continues to be served

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