Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Compact Living

Arran may be regarded as 'Scotland in miniature', but Great Cumbrae can claim one of the narrowest houses in the world. Wedge House is just 47" wide and more than just squeezes into the record books. Take a look at another nine houses which gain attention from the WebUrbanist for their thin appeal. If you want to continue along these lines and see how we can all, perhaps, thrive on less in everyday life, then go to LifeEdited for the 'Compact, Connected, Complete' outlook.

Scottish Islands Explorer - remains a constant size at 52 pages

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Richard Evans said...

On Conwy Quay in North Wales you can find the Smallest House in Great Britain. The house measures just over 3 metres by 1.8 metres.

The house was occupied by various residents since the 16th century. The last occupant of the house was a fisherman named Robert Jones who at 6' 3" tall would have found living in the house at times difficult.