Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Eye-watering Eilean Aigas

Here's a house ... on an island ... in a river. It needs to be seen in context, perhaps through the website of one of the agents endeavouring to sell it for £15 million. Try Vladi Private Islands and you will be transported to Eilean Aigas, on the River Beauly some 15 miles from Inverness, and a property constructed over the six years leading to 2007. There are many features to absorb, including the 22 signature 20' stacked chimneys, and the  dimensions of the many rooms.

Scottish Islands Explorer - just 52 pages long


Richard Evans said...

I wrote to Vladi Private Islands many years seeking a job to sell islands as a UK representative; alas there was no position available.

Marc Calhoun said...

I’d never heard of Eilean Aiglas until I did some research a few years ago for an article on another island, Eilean Ban in Loch Morar, where the infamous Lord Lovat hid out after the ’45. In reading about Lovat’s life I discovered that Eilean Aigas was another of his bolt holes, where he carried off one of his kidnap victims and ‘kept her in a creel and got a drunken minister to marry them’ as Neil Munro put it in his novel The New Road. I wonder if that happened in this grand house?