Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dalmore for Action

Here's an archetypal beach profile which attracts people of all ages, attitudes and activities.

Children are drawn to paddle and then realise that the waves hold pleasure and promote skills.

None more so than surfing. If you are in the area, consider SurfLewis and their lessons, company and venues - such as Dalmore Beach, featured in each of these images. Rodney Jamieson, 'Cheggs' to friends, started surfing off Lewis some 17 years ago, during a February. He was both freezing ... and hooked. In June (when much warmer) 2009, he started SurfLewis. Give him the opportunity to share his passion and, possibly, extend your enthusiasm for waves by taking up the surface water sport. By the way, there's a session at 14.00 today. Hurry up, for yesterday's conditions were excellent.

Scottish Islands Explorer - endeavours to extend enthusiasms

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