Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rockall Recalled

Nick Hancock (below) is on his way to Rockall in order to begin an endurance feat of attempting to live there longer than the 26 May - 4 July spell undertaken by Tom McClean in 1985. The image above is of the preparations for securing his accommodation 28 years ago. It's worth recalling that the rock has attracted attention for many years as indicated in an archive from The Guardian. The Atlantic Ocean certainly appealed to McClean who rowed it single-handed for the first time in 1969 and still holds the record with a 54-day crossing made in 1987. Survival experts are a world apart from most of us, although today's blog enters a significant stage, being the 750th consecutive one.

Scottish Islands Explorer - a survivor in the waters of publishing

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Richard Evans said...

Ben Fogle's attempt to conquer Rockall can be read in his book Offshore 2006