Thursday, 27 June 2013

Story Ceilidh

Patience is required to create the simplest of constructions on land or at sea. Alexandria Patience (below) described as having 'a compelling storytelling presence', has devised a relaxed performance of Scottish traditional stories of the sea, second sight, witches, magic, love, loss and humour.

Live music for their Story Ceilidh is provided by Donald McNeill (below), a composer as well as performer,

and the show is on the road this week in the Western Isles. Look for the signs in Northbay, Barra; Solas, North Uist; Kershader, Ness and Stornoway, Lewis. If it's not possible for you to attend, consider the Second Portskerra International Storytelling Festival starting on 18 October 2013.

 Scottish Islands Explorer - plenty of scope for coastal themes

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