Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sule Skerry's Numbers

The numbers on Sule Stack's neighbour, Sule Skerry add up too. It's 37 miles to the west of Orkney and rises to 40' with a lighthouse that was built during the summers of 1892 - 94. Seasonal work was necessary because of isolation and it remains, technically, the most remote lighthouse in the UK. From 1895 -1982 it was manned and its automatic status is matched by the nearby buoy which sends signals that are incorporated into the Shipping Forecast. The dominant plant on the islet is Martime Mayweed (below).

Scottish Islands Explorer - it flowers on a bi-monthly basis


Richard Evans said...

On large scale maps, Sule Skerry looks like a lost piece from a jigsaw puzzle. There were no regrets as they left Sule Skerry in 1982, Alistair McDonald, a lighthouse keeper for 5 years said, "I can't tell you how glad I am to be leaving here, its a great relief not to have to face those January gales, they cut through whatever you're wearing".

Richard Evans said...

From stories 25 years ago in 1987.Orkney Lays claim to Suleskerry.
In 1960 when a serving lighthouse keeper vanished from the island, it was found that no-one knew which county it belonged-whether it was part of Sutherland or Orkney. Now Orkney to to lodge a petition with the Sheriff asking him to declare Suleskery to be part of the parish of Stromness and the County of Orkney.