Monday, 7 October 2013

An Outpost

There's danger throughout the landing places for the more remote Scottish islands, but there's something about Hyskeir, beyond the Small Isles, that repels rather than attracts. However, the account by Marc Calhoun of the existing lighthouse and its former installations shows that he came to terms with the place and explored its component islets thoroughly. The vessel in the distance, moored off Hyskeir, is the Hjalmar Bjorge of Northern Light Charters - which undertook two trips during 2013 to the Lighthouses of the Western Isles.

Scottish Islands Explorer - makes light of lighthouse tours

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Richard Evans said...

John McCarthy & Sandi Toksvig met the last keepers of Hyskeir for the BBC TV series called Island Race in mid 1990's. John and the keepers played some golf on one hole and had a great time.