Friday, 25 October 2013

Pumped and Primed

Your journeys to and from South Lochs and onto the Pairc, in Lewis, will be without that anxiety of whether there is sufficient in your tank. The fuel tank and pump at the Ravenspoint Centre are now available for 24-hours a day, with credit card facilities, and they have been officially opened. Pictured to the left is John Randall, Co-Chomunn na Pairc (Pairc Community Co-operative) Chairman and regular contributor to Scottish Islands Explorer; and to the right is Alasdair Allan, Member of the Scottish Parliament. Take a look for yourself via the video and sound clips of a Stornoway Gazette item. Vehicles first appeared in the area over a hundred years ago; metalled roads have been appearing ever since; now all that's needed is a garage with MoT equipment and a showroom!

Scottish Islands Explorer - Ravenspoint fuels elements of the magazine


David & Margaret Gartside said...

Thanks John. A lovely good news item.
We will put South Lochs on our list for our early summer tour in 2014.

Marc Calhoun said...

I was staying in Pairc for a week last August. I wanted to make a long Sunday drive to Husinish, but I was desperately low on petrol. My only option was to drive up to Stornoway to tank up. After several wrong turns I finally found Engebrets on the road to the airport. The station was packed; cars lined up six deep at every pump. After 15 minutes of waiting I was able to fill my tank. But even after filling up I had to wait in a queue for 15 minutes to pay (I was also buying some beer, and Engebrets is the only place on Lewis you can get beer on Sunday. The new filling station in Pairc will be much appreciated – although you’ll still need to drive to Stornoway for beer….