Tuesday, 11 March 2014

'Taken by the Sea'

This aerial view of Samphrey, a 163-acre island between Mainland Shetland and Yell, shows the shallow Bunglan promontory to the left. This is the site of the small graveyard as well as the six houses that were occupied in 1841, but which had disappeared, together with their residents, within 40 years. The relatively few headstones testify to the tradition that 'Samphrey men are always taken by the sea'. Six, who were spared, returned in 1832 after their boat, caught in a violent storm, was taken by the sea across to Norway. They were welcomed home to the island that is named after 'Sandfridr' - a Viking woman.

Scottish Islands Explorer - taken by air, land and sea

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Richard Evans said...

The island is worth exploring for some of the most unusual specimens of plant life in the Shetlands.