Friday, 7 March 2014


Above is Vementry, Shetland's largest uninhabited island. The last time it was recorded as having permanent residents was in 1841 when two people lived there. Access to it is from Vementry House (below) situated on Mainland to the north of Aith. The description of its accommodation is compelling.

Things to see on the island include the First World War guns at Swarbacks Head and the finest of chambered cairns, to be found at Muckle Ward. It is not visited frequently and has no entrance - probably having been sealed after its final burial.

Scottish Islands Explorer - worth seeing, too


Anonymous said...

Damn it, John, now there's somewhere else I'll have to go!

Richard Clubley

Richard Evans said...

The highest point is Muckle Ward, a hill which rises to 298'. The are are cairns on the slopes of the hill which testify to the ancient occupation of this island. Elsewhere on Vemetry there are ruined brochs.