Monday, 7 July 2014

A Welcoming Hand

The Stone of Setter on Eday is 15' high and resembles a giant hand with three lichen-encrusted fingers. It is at the north end of this 15-mile long Orkney island, between the settlements of Calfsound (below) and Millbounds where a former Baptist chapel was recently converted into the community centre. Access to the island is either by sea at the ferry terminal of Backaland or by air at the remarkably-named London Airport. This is close to the isthmus which resembles a pinched waist. In 1841 the population of the island was just under a thousand; by 2001 it had fallen to a little over a hundred. However, the last few years have seen a revival in resident numbers and there are now 160 people living there. Find out more about 'The Heart of the Northern Isles' through its community website.

Scottish Islands Explorer - has a subscriber on the island

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