Sunday, 15 November 2015

Easdale Calling

Easdale was once the centre of the British slate industry with a community of 500 and seven quarries. As production declined, so did the number of permanent residents. By the early 1960s there were just four people living on the 62-acre island.

However, there has been a regeneration of interest in living on Easdale and newcomers have brought both fledgling and established businesses as well as families with them. The population has increased by over ten-fold in the past 50 years.

The Community Hall (above) is a focal point and an eight-minute YouTube video - Easdale: A Wild Community produced by Patrick Rowan - promotes the island as a place to visit and to view as a permanent base. Do click and consider the call of your prospective new neighbourhood.

Scottish Islands Explorer - focuses on communities


Richard Evans said...

Interesting piece of film

Mark said...

A superb presentation, I had never even heard of those Islands south west of Lismore. You might like our last Island adventure k.t.d.a Mark