Friday, 6 November 2015

Praying or Laying?

It's only three years since this pilgrims' 'cursing stone' was found on Canna. They were originally turned by their users when either praying for something or laying a curse on someone. Now the authorities are having to decide which way they should turn in relation to a planning application for six wind turbines on the island.

Objections have been raised by Iain Thornber writing in the Oban Times and in his objections made directly to the Planning Department. Do read what he says and wait for responses from the National Trust for Scotland, the island's owners, which will be given comparable space when they are made.

Scottish Islands Explorer - turning to or from turbines?


Anonymous said...

If you can`t be bothered asking to use my picture then please remove it immediately.Referring to your post on Canna and the third photo of the church on Sanday with Rum in the background.

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Apologies to Alex for not having acknowledged his photo nor posting the link to Alex and Bob's Blue Sky Scotland -