Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A World Away ... Yet

Tristan da Cunha, (above), in the South Atlantic almost mid-way between South Africa and South America, is a world away from St Kilda (below), in the North Atlantic some 41 miles off the Isle of Lewis, and yet they have a number of things in common. One of them was discovered by someone who knows both remote islands, Alasdair MacEachen, the Chairman of The Islands Book Trust. Here is his account of an unexpected encounter.

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Seumas Morrison said...

Another St.Kilda connection to the Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha group is that in 2014 our old boat Enchanted Isle (an Interceptor 42) was sold to, and now operates from Jamestown on St Helena. The new owners have kept the name Enchanted Isle on the boat and also use it as their business name, this was the first boat that started the St.Kilda day trips in earnest back in 2005, our new boat which replaced it also still carried the name Enchanted Isle. Some great pics of our old boat in action at St Helena on their Facebook page -