Tuesday, 30 August 2011

All Quiet on Linga Holm

Midgarth Farm, here on Stronsay, overlooks Linga Holm, separated by a 700-yard-wide sound of potentially dangerous water. Six people lived on this Orkney island in 1841, but they had left by the middle of the 19th Century. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust purchased the island in 1973 and brought in a flock of North Ronaldsay sheep in order to protect the breed. This project attracted attention and annual visits by the RBST's volunteers. In 1999 the Scottish Wildlife Trust acquired the island and their interests focused on the welfare of its grey seals. Pictish house and ancient archaeological remains are still to be found. Does anyone know what happened to the sheep?

Scottish Islands Explorer - acting here as a shepherd

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Anonymous said...

Sheep were removed as the legislation governing checking of stock changed and as the island is uninhabited the requirements of this legislation could not be met. The sheep population of 190 was sent to Harper Adams University College (Shropshire) in 1999 where they were used for research purposes. After the funding for the research ended in 2009 the remaining individuals were given back to the North Ronaldsay Fellowship members and are now distributed amoungst the breeders.