Monday, 22 August 2011

Dial 76 .. and Read On

Gordon MacLean was brought up on Arran, but has lived in Bower - near Wick, Caithness - for the past 16 years. His second novel - 76 - is available through Amazon for Kindle and other applications at £1.00 or $1.50. Just go to the Amazon bookstore and type in '76' and 'Arran' and it will be downloaded, transporting you to this island as well as to Raasay. It's the author's second book to be available electronically, with Silicon Glen already published. The monument pictured above commemorates the Clearances on Arran, where his story begins before it develops and moves to other parts of the Highlands and Islands.

Scottish Islands Explorer - historical persectives included


Anonymous said...

I love Arran and having had a preview of the book and the hilarious first chapter on the website, I downloaded the book to Kindle for your PC (which is free which comes as an added bonus!)
I think the author's name is definitely MacLeod though.
Thanks for pointing it out to us.

Tanya said...

This book was very well-written and made me feel like I was transported to Arran. Thank you for recommending it.