Friday, 26 August 2011

A Name Game

These Skye terrier puppies need naming and, naturally, island associations come to mind. Kyleakin and Uig are possibilities here, as are Dun and Vegan. A reader of this blog researched the subject for his own pets and named his cats Inchmarnock and Skerryvore (Inch and Skerry, for short), while his border collie is Colbhasa or Col.  He once met two children in the Western Isles who delighted in their names - Islay and Rona. A friend of his gave his house the name, Skara Brae, without knowing its origins. Think of the dwellings called Iona and Ailsa. The Island Incidents article in the current issue of the magazine looks at how a wealth of island names went through the mind of the creator of .... cuddly toys. Keep them coming!

Scottish Islands Explorer - dwells on names

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