Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Corrugated Concluded

Richard Clubley submitted these two photographs and wrote, 'One of the images that first attracted me to the islands was that of the corrugated iron roofs on croft houses etc (also wooden piers). The roofs would often be painted red or green and would start to rust where water gathered in the dirt, just above the gutters. Here are a couple of photos from Eigg 1986 (not brilliant, I'm afraid, because I just re-photographed them out of the album) I like the one with the Sgurr behind though.'

Let's have a theme of 'wooden piers' please. My memories of the decaying structures at Lochskipport, South Uist, remain fresh in mind, although they were first fixed there in the last millennium!

Scottish Islands Explorer - focuses on local features 

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