Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Record Remoteness

Here's a lighthouse that appears in the Guinness Book of Records for being Britain's most remote manned lighthouse during this phase of its operation from 1895 until automation in 1982. It is on Sule Skerry, 40 miles west of Orkney mainland and 35 miles north of the Sutherland coast. Heavy seas and short hours of winter daylight meant that it was built over two years under the supervision of David and Charles Stevenson. The islet is some 35 acres in extent and rises to 45'. This compares with the 140' Sule Stack, four miles to the south. An attempt to establish a pigeon post for the keepers did not succeed. The rails used in its construction and supply system were successful.

Scottish Islands Explorer - also uses systems without the assistance of pigeons

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Richard Evans said...

In 1961 one of the three lighthouse keepers vanished from the island but nobody knew which county it belonged. Suleskerry is situated about equal distance from Sutherland & Orkney. So a petition with the Sheriff asking to declare Suleskerry to be part of the parish of Stromness and the County of Orkney.