Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Take Nothing, But Photos

Let's move on to Sule Stack. It is here in the foreground, with Sule Skerry in the distance. Getting there is not easy and the days have to be as benign as these first two images indicate.

However, once there it, is best to regard everything as being protected. The recent discovery, close to the summit, of an unexploded shell from Royal Navy sources would have been handled carefully. The 100 dozen eggs from the two islets, on sale in the market at Stromness as late as 1890, were soon to become products of illicit trading. The occupants of this boat below would have to take considerable caution as they approached a possible landing site.

Careful planning and preparation for an assignment to the island led to a fine series of images being taken by Orkney photographer, Charles Tait.

Scottish Islands Explorer - intrigued by isolation

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