Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Northern Coast

The weekend started with Stroma, yesterday with Neave Island and today we remain on the north coast with Eilean nan Roan, off Sutherland. It was evacuated 77 years ago and some events of 1938 are recorded on the Skerray Community Website. Here's an extract:

'Mr James Morrison of the Scottish Daily Record experienced at first hand the unpredictability of island life, being stranded on the island over a few days. He stayed at the house of Donald and Seonaid Mackay. Their daughter, Kitty Ann Macqueen, the last side-school teacher on the island clearly recalls the events of that period. As side-school teacher her last and only remaining pupils, were her two brothers, John Angus and Donald. As a family they left the island in the spring of 1938.'

Scottish Islands Explorer - has a similar focus

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