Saturday, 28 May 2011

Breaking Out .... and Bagging

Spare a thought for Seumas Morrison, who runs Sea Harris and operates sea cruises. For most of May he has been unable, owing to adverse weather conditions, to take parties to their Hebridean destinations. His 'Islands Bagging' trip - planned for the last two days of this month is fully-booked and prospective passengers look forward to seeing and landing on some of the following: Soay, Shillay, The Monachs, Boreray, Killegray, Ensay, Hermetray, Tahay, Flodday Mhor, Ronay, Wiay, Scotasay and Eilean Liubhaird. Sheep may be restricted to fanks, such as these on St Kilda (above); humans want out ... and fast !

Scottish Islands Explorer - where island-baggers feel wanted

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