Monday, 16 May 2011


The founders of any enterprise or organisation like to think that their venture will last. So when Free Church of Scotland on Fetlar, the fourth largest of the Shetland islands, was opened in 1846 there was optimism that it would withstand both the elements and secular forces. Within the last few years the building has been converted - into a community hall.  When the Carinish Inn was established in the mid-19th Century, it was part of the staging posts for people crossing from North Uist to Benbecula. The causeway was created in the 1950s and gradually trade slipped away for this place of hospitality. In 2008 it began a new life, having been puchased and converted for ecclesiastical purposes by ... the Free Church. Here's a reminder of the days before conversion took place.

Scottish Islands Explorer - converting rocks to words

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