Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Naming of Parts

This road on Unst once served a purpose ... at RAF Skaw in the most northerly Shetland isle. Whether it had a name is another matter. In fact, the naming of existing parts is no longer a widespread pursuit, now that most places have been discovered. However, geologists are still having to find names for underwater revelations. Ken Hitchen reveals how this has been done, on occasions - particularly when he was helping to survey the sea-bed and reefs to the north-west of Unst.

Scottish Islands Explorer - keen to identify

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Anonymous said...

There's a single track road on Flotta,Orkney, called Magnificent Lane. It was built by men of HMS Magnificent to serve a WWII lookout. A big wig from the mainland was showing dignitaries round one day and called it Wonderful Lane. The local guide (my informant) hadn't the heart to correct him. Richard Clubley