Saturday, 26 November 2011

Numbers Count

According to the records, this is the 200th entry in the blog. So we shall focus on numbers and anniversaries. The Croydon YHA Group - now known as COPSE (Croydon Outdoor Pursuits & Social Events) -  was set up in 1934 and some 50 years later celebrated this when it inaugurated the Gatliff Marathon. It was in memory of one of its founder members, Herbert Gatliff, the man who started the Gatliff Hostels, the first of which at Rhenigidale, Isle of Harris, is pictured above. Tomorrow (Sunday 27 November) sees the 28th running of the Gatliff Marathon over 50kms and shorter distances. So if you happen to be in the Croydon area and want to go a little further on foot, just turn up and enter. It's a significant occasion, for within a couple of weeks the Gatliff Trust will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding and remembering the work of Herbert Gatliff, a person who liked getting around - on foot where possible - and who relished getting things done. Rainbows all round!

Scottish Islands Explorer - running on


Anonymous said...

Magnificent - a crowd of folk from the Stornoway Canoe Club holed up there two Saturdays ago before a wonderful day paddling up Loch Seaforth next day.

But today - gales!

Mary, SC said...

Reminded me that "mighty oaks from little acorns grow"!