Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Flying the Flag

A couple of days ago the Scottish flag apparently featured in the skies above Bavaria. This image was sent to the blog by a German  national who wonders what has happened. Any thoughts on the matter by our readers?

Scottish Islands Explorer - sells in Germany, but not yet in sky-high quantities


Anonymous said...

Portends traditionally appear in the sky at this time of year. There was once a star announcing the arrival of a king. This flag clearly harbingers the arrival of Scotland as an independent nation into the family of Europe. Richard Clubley

David Gartside said...

On a perfect clear day, try watching a plane and time it from horizon to horizon. Speed will be roughly 500 mph and you can work out the distance, often up to 200 miles. Maybe from Inverness to The Shetlands in one sweeping view. Fantastic for aircrew of Scottish ancestry!
David Gartside.