Friday, 6 January 2012

Island Incentives

Here are four attractive features. A Highland Councillor has proposed that everyone in Scotland should be given the opportunity of having a free trip to its islands. If this were to occur, think how many would enjoy such scenes as this evening view of Luskentyre beach, photographed by Andrew Pennill. Enthusiasms for photography often needs professional encouragement and Andrew's Winter Newsletter 2012 does supply details relevant to camera-users everywhere. Incidentally, today is the final day on which to make an application for employment on the Summer Isles later this year.

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Anonymous said...

The same Highland Councillor represents the remote communities of Morvern, Sunart and Ardnamurchanwhich although a peninusla and not an island might as well be as traffic to and from the 'mainland' must take the small car ferry across the short Corran Narrows. This ferry is owned by Highland Council and is limited in its operational hours as well as being very expensive. It sustains and at the same time frustrates, a working population. Calls have been made for this same councillor to lobby the government for free travel for the peninsulas' residents to help stimulate its economy before shelling out what little money there is on 'jollies. Charity begins at home please.