Monday, 16 January 2012

Now for One over the Eight

If you are in the Christian Presbyterian tradition, then living in or visiting Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, must offer a challenge - which of its churches to attend? The Church of Scotland traces its origins as a sect to 1560 and has two places of worship in the town. The Free Church of Scotland (1843) has two; the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)  (2000) has one; the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1892) has one; the Associated Presbyterian Church (1989) has one. Now there's a newcomer with a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1690) setting up in the Culregrein Mission Hall (pictured above) on the Perceval Road. Its presence is probably connected with a doctrinal issue that is troubling some members of the Free Church - namely the approval by its own General Assembly of having psalm-singing accompanied by music and the introduction of hymns, if individual congregations wish. The FC congregations in Stornoway are, apparently, not interested in adopting live music, but the RFC has set up ... just in case. Will there soon be another comparable sect entering the Stornoway scene and there being one over the eight?

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