Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Take a Closer Look

These puffins, captured here by Fraser Smith, could well be talking about their return to Sumburgh Head, Shetland, which started on Monday last despite there being a dusting of snow on the cliffs. Take a look at the item in Shetland News and a scrutiny through the RSPB's Puffincam enabling you to get up close, although quite a distance away.

Scottish Islands Explorer - a full view at close quarters


Fraser Smith said...

Hi there. It's really nice to see you using my Puffin image on your site. I took it back in June 2003 at Sumburgh Lighthouse. I like people to use my images and I don't normally charge for usage either. However, I do normally request a credit and a link back to my site. at

Fraser Smith

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Apologies for not previously acknowledging. Links now in place on the page.