Sunday, 23 December 2018

An Ultimate Destination

Here's a distant shelter - one of the five bothies on Sula Sgeir - some 40 miles north of Port of Ness at the extremity of the Isle of Lewis. The 'gannet skerry' is renowned for the annual cull of its young birds, served as delicacies. Here also are the remains of a small temple, Taigh Bheannaich, which was, allegedly, the home of St Brenhilda in the 6th Century.

On the south side, there is a distinctively-shaped lighthouse which warns shipping in these unpredictable waters. This is a summer-only destination and then for explorers of a robust nature or for the Men of Ness who are engaged in the activity which is permitted by an Act of Parliament.

Scottish Islands Explorer - one of the ultimate destinations
Digital Edition: most likely would need  satellite device

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