Sunday, 2 December 2018

The Appeal of Eday

Yesterday's blog saw a substantial number of visitors considering the invitation to look at an Eday property. The Orkney island may have a rainbow appeal to some or sufficient to encourage a sunny disposition in others. It is over ten square miles in size; is eight miles long and narrows to around 500 yards wide in the middle; has around 150 residents which is much lower than almost a thousand in the mid-19th Century.

Farming is the significant occupation and the settlement pattern tends to be around the coast with no one area claiming to be the main 'village'. However, the production of energy plays an important role in the local economy. Eday has the highest standing stone in the island group, with this couple being dwarfed by the 15' Stone of Settter.  They do not look daunted. Look into things a little more closely by clicking here.

Scottish Islands Explorer - not daunted by distance
Digital Edition: thrives on getting places

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