Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fine Beach Property

Places that appeal soon lead to speculating about properties. Here is one close to Tresta Beach, Fetlar. It's the West Manse and illustrates how ministers of religion used to be housed in buildings that resembled mansions.

Scottish Islands Explorer - has a home / office and a back-office


David & Margaret Gartside said...

(From Spain) Once visited Fetlar for "The Fetlar Fiddle" celebration and to see the rare red-necked pallaropes at Funzie reserve. Interested to see the cloudless sky in your photo. We are hiding in Spain from the general UK weather, but perhaps we could have found a sunny island refuge instead?
David & Margaret Gartside

Anonymous said...

The Hebridean ialands have been having very pleasant, sunny summer weather, to the extent that the Western Isles are reported to have near-drought conditions.