Sunday, 8 July 2012

So Far and So Near

The ferry service operated to Papa Stour by the Snolda (above) is remarkable. I was greeted by name, having booked in advance. When I arrived, I was able to greet Jane Puckey, the island's Community Councillor, by name for she has contributed to Scottish Islands Explorer. We then chatted at length about this fascinating place and her blog will now become a source of much interest to me. As I was at the waiting room for the Saturday evening boat which came out empty from West Burrafirth to collect  me, the only passenger, something rather errie happened. I received an email message on my phone from a current contributor suggesting a prospective topic about a recorded dispute on Papa Stour in the year 1299. Time and distance were elimated. The road on the island will be travelled again.

Scottish Islands Explorer - always tring to connect

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