Monday, 31 December 2012

End-of-Year Trip

As a year-ending treat, let's take a video trip with Hebrides Fish 'n' Trips to Mulhagery and Valamus, on the shores of The Pairc, Lewis, and relish seeing two of the most remote former-settlements in Britain. The image above is of the house, corn drying kiln and horizontal mill at Mulhagery or Mul Thagaraidh, occupied in 1891 by John MacKenzie, a gamekeeper, and that below indicates how plant-life remains tenacious when human-life has disappeared.

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland has this aerial view of the house completely isolated from the road system. It has that end-of-the-world feel.

Scottish Islands Explorer - greeting all our blog-readers at the end-of-the-year


Richard Evans said...

The isolated croft reminds me of the desolate cottage on The Shiant Islands.

Pat Ewen said...

A beautiful but sad spot. I'd love to know more of its history. Nature heals wonderfully.