Thursday, 6 December 2012

Revive an Old Route

This ferry that's leaving Mallaig for the Small Isles could be on its way further to finish at Lochboisdale on South Uist, pictured below,

if there is sufficient demand. First, there is an on-line survey that's referred to in a BBC item and so here's a way to revive a route that has appeal. Then it could make getting to the Western Isles via the recently-upgraded Fort William and Mallaig road something of a different experience. Here is access to the Survey and there is a hamper promised for one fortunate respondent.

Scottish Islands Explorer - finding different ways without offering a hamper, yet!


Mavis said...

This sounds a very attractive proposition.We'd definitely be interested.

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

I have now discovered the source of the Survey and it's ready for you to make the link as well as to offer opinions.

janeyc said...

Ive just delivered 200 surveys to households on Eriskay and South Uist and got a very passionate response for reviving the ferry to lochboisdale. Lets hope.