Saturday, 27 December 2014

No Ifs and Butts, Yet

A few miles to the south of the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse is the crofting community of South Dell and here a former missionary and teetotaller, David Hope, grows vines in polytunnels and produces wine. It all sounds improbable, despite the benign weather conditions of the Autumn of '14. Read about it in The Drinks Business, marvel how about 600lbs of Black Muscat grapes were grown and how some of them not sold in the local market were used to produce a few bottles of Chateau Hebrides. For the record, however, it is unlikely that the Butt (above) will be complemented by a butt from below (in South Dell). It measures 108 Imperial gallons or half of a tun.

Scottish Islands Explorer - cultivated and matured in eight weeks

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