Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Sunsets Staggered

Someone once pointed out to me that the term 'Shortest Day' is misleading as all days are the same in terms of time. Yesterday matters became more complicated when I was told about the variations in the Solar Day. This refers to the length of time between sunrise and sunset. Apparently it is not consistent at both ends - so that we are now at the point when the earliest sunsets occur. From tomorrow the evenings will begin to draw out, although the sun will be rising later to give the 'shortest periods of daylight' on 21 December. Add to this the differences in latitude and longitude and the picture becomes even more varied. Sunset times today are as follows:  Penzance 16.20; Ipswich 15.44; Stornoway 15.34; Lerwick 14.56. Puzzled? Then just enjoy seeing the sun setting (above) at Scatness, Shetland, from the photoblog at Phatsheep Photography.

Scottish Islands Explorer - to be viewed from times of daylight to candlelight

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