Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Success or Excess?

This cruise liner off Hatston Pier, Orkney, symbolises something that's both remarkable and, in some ways, amusing. Around this time of year, bookings for about 20 cruise liners to visit Orkney have been made for the forthcoming year. The Council's Transport and Infrastructure Committee has just announced that with the new pier extension going ahead, some 62 cruise ships have made advanced booking for 2012. They will bring about 48,000 passengers, many of whom will come ashore. The total is expected to rise to 80 ships. So picture Kirkwall's Main Street, below, before the crowds of visitors arrive to explore the town.

On the other hand, the Christmas and New Year's Day scenes when Kirkwall's form of street football, the 'Ba' Game, is played will probably not be repeated. Unless, that is, inter-ship competitions are devised or cut-price sales introduced in the shops!

Scottish Islands Explorer - tries to draw crowds

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