Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An 'AMC' in Your Family?

Fingal's Cave is well-known, as a name. It is less well-known as a place actually visited. The number of 'explorers' who scrutinise its interiors is limited to the intrepid. Iain Thornber has made some discoveries there and has presented a Press Release on his findings. If you can add information to his researches then make contact and if you had a family member with the initials AMC who was known to be in the area in 1890, then do come forward. If not, then enjoy the image below of the wide expanses of sky and water viewed from the confines of a famous sea-cave.

Scottish Islands Explorer - its inscriptions may be around in 122 years time

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Anonymous said...

How strange to remember that people who are now immortal- Scott, Keats, Turner, Queen Victoria, Wordsworth, Stevenson- braved often rough seas and slippery rocks to visit that lonely columned recess which was there before man.