Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Statistical Snapshots

Now that 300 items on this blog promoting Scottish Islands Explorer have been posted, here are some glimpses about where our visitors originate and gather. Today will see the 16,000th visitor to the blog. The most popular page previewed, with 210 specific clicks, is Are You Pulling My Fin?  followed by Open House for Heb Homes with 170. The sites that provide most access are www.google.co.uk and www.scottishislandsexplorer.com with by far the most searched keywords being 'pilot whales'.

83% of visitors use Windows; 9% are Macintosh; 3% Linux and 1% view on iPads. The geographical split so far is 10,000 from the UK, 2000 from the USA, 500  from Germany and 350 from Russia. These are followed by Spain 300, Canada 250, Netherlands 225, Italy 200, France 150 and Australia 100.

The virtual blue yonder of broadband is no match for the reality of this photograph of White Strand, Iona, taken by Ruth Fairbrother.

Scottish Islands Explorer - keen to be known

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David Gartside said...

Spain now moving up the league to 301!
David & Margaret Gartside, Formentera del Segura,