Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tempted by Triangulation?

Trig (or triangulation) points - and there are 6557 of them in UK - are in some compelling places, with the one above on An Sgurr, Isle of Eigg, highly-rated for its views, here towards Muck. They were established for the Ordnance Survey from 1935 onwards and it should be possible to see two other points from the one by (or on) which you are standing. Their functions have diminished owing to aerial photography and satellite mapping. There are, of course, enthusiasts for these concrete posts and 'trig-baggers' do ply their hobby across all terrains. One group set themselves a specialised task - of visiting the 749 points that mark each metre in height of Scotland. They went, for example, to Lady Isle, off Troon. What drives such men? You can guess that the only lady involved in this escapade was St Mary, commemorated by the chapel on the island that is six metres high - according to its trig point.

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Richard Evans said...

According to Ordnance Survey there are Trig Points on 2 tiny rocks in the Pentland Skerries Group off the tip of Duncansby Head: Clettack Skerry & Little Skerry but no-one has captured them on film yet.

Anonymous said...

for a list of all UK trigpoints.

Where is the most remote, I wonder???