Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hot Desking on Lewis

An old Harris Tweed Mill on Seaforth Road in Stornoway will be opening as a Media Centre later this month. On the ground floor will be the headquarters and studio of MG Alba, operators of the Gaelic digital channel, BBC Alba. On the first floor there will be seven office units and 32 hot-desks. This is an exciting development that gives opportunities for small companies and individuals to be creative and inter-active. What would the 'former residents' of Lewis, depicted below, have made of such moves?

Scottish Islands Explorer - ready for new opportunities


Tristan traveller said...

Interesting - and the former residents don't look too happy ... rather apprehensive, in fact!

camilla veale said...

Looks a great place to work - the problem is I wouldn't get any done because I would be off sailing all the time !

the statues look like sailors who have just heard the Stornoway shipping forecast - gale force 9

camilla veale

glacio said...

I hope the new office suite will be at a sensible indoor temperature so that the desks will be cool rather than hot. Do you know how Eco the building is? Refurbishments pose the greatest problems in how to create a carbon-friendly building.

Julian Paren