Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Face of Gatliff

Of the three Gatliff hostels, Berneray (above) records the highest number of visits. It is as close to the sea as possible and on an island that is idyllic. Last week, the Gatliff Hebridean Hostels Trust launched on Facebook. So far, the interest has been underwhelming. If you know the hostels, have stayed and actually enjoyed the experience, then please take a look and, perhaps, make an entry. It will help extend social networking for an organisation that has  fostered social contacts for 50 years and continues to provide a small network of places to stay in the Western Isles.

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David & Margaret Gartside said...

We are not facebookers (and do not want to be), but we loved the South Uist hostel. There is a very delapidated coft house next to it, still with some of the original furnishing such as the firegrate. It gives a real insight into crofting life of yesteryear.
It's survival is a testament to the values of the hostel's patrons. Well worth a visit.