Monday, 9 April 2012

Spring Closure

Easter Monday is the day when some people's minds turn from planning their own gardening to seeing what others have done. Alas, this no longer occurs on Jura where the Gardens have given pleasure to many for many years. Its relatively new owner, who has apparently visited his Estate only twice, has had a key entrance to the grounds blocked by further extending its walls. This suggests a permanent arrangement. Any information or insights will be appreciated.

Scottish Islands Explorer - anticipating increased visits this year

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David & Margaret Gartside said...

Jura is a wonderful island and a highlight of our regular visits has always been a visit to the garden and tea tent. The beach, coastal path, wild goats, bluebell woods and wild garlick have also been part of several memorable days. The closure is a serious loss to the island and may well mean fewer visitors and loss to the fragile economy of a much- loved island and its community.