Thursday, 26 June 2014

Pell-mell and Yell

Yell may be the second largest of the Shetland islands (after Mainland), but it can easily be missed. The reason is the impressive, well-cambered and direct road from Ulsta, the ferry terminal in the south, to Gutcher (above), the terminal for Unst and Fetlar in the north. Vehicles move quickly to convey passengers and goods to fit in with the ferry-schedules. It's pell-mell, in the sense of haste, on that through-road; it's not, however, a place where the notion of disorderly applies. The name of Yell probably derives from Old Norse for either 'white' (referring to the sands on the beaches) or 'barren' (indicating the nature of the island interior). There are fascinating features at every turn. Through the internet do look at three of them - a Tour, The Shetland Gallery and a hub for Textiles and Music. Make them a taste of things to come.

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