Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Swona at Short Notice

The abandoned island of Swona is a compelling place. Opportunities to visit are rare, but there could be spaces available on a day-trip from Burray (Orkney Mainland) organised by Richard Clubley tomorrow - Wednesday 11 June. Twelve people are needed to fill the boat and for some it will be fulfilling an ambition just to get there. A call to 07981 815709 will provide you with up-to-date information about availability on a craft far different from this one marooned by those who left the island.

The islanders left their cattle grazing and over the years the herd became feral. Here is a case of visitors and residents keeping well apart, tomorrow.

Please pass on the news of this trip to friends and contacts who may be interested.

Scottish Islands Explorer - a chance to people an abandoned isle, for a day

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Richard Evans said...

It wasn't to be as the boat was only 1/2 full but there's always a next time. Its been a 30 year dream to land here since I spoke to Sandy Annal the then owner.